1. Oh Deer Mittens Now Available

    Oh Deer Mittens are (finally) available for purchase on Etsy and Ravelry! Go knit some sweet baby deers NOW!

    Etsy  |  Ravelry

  2. Nevada is a state that I called home for several years of my life. I love Nevada and wanted to create a piece that showed my state pride. I used pieces of vintage ephemera including old postcards, fabric swatches, and hand-written notes with the state bird, flower, and map. 

    Available for purchase in the Drunk Girl Designs shop in an 8’X10” or 11”x14”.

    8”x10”  |  11”x14”

  3. Iowa is the state that I was born and raised, and lived for most of my life. I love Iowa and wanted to create a piece that showed my state pride. Available now in the Drunk Girl Designs shop.

    8”x10”  |  11”x14”

  4. Celebrate mediocrity with my newest print - ‘It Habst To Be Pabst’, available as an 8”x10” or 11”x14” in the Drunk Girl Shop.

    8”x10”  |  11”x14”

  5. I don’t always create movie posters, but when I do, they star Ron Jeremy & Verne Troyer. Such a fun project to design, and it’s screening soon at the Las Vegas Film Festival!


  6. Honey Badger Don’t Care Mittens Now Online

    Ravelry | Etsy

    Run backward.

    Eat cobras.

    Be a badass.

    Don’t give a shit.

    When you wear these mittens, you might embody some of the spirit of the badger. The world is yours to dominate, and if those around you are lucky, you will leave a bit of scraps behind for them.

    At the very least, you can still look down at your hands and have a laugh!

  7. New Drunk Girl Designs knitting pattern is almost here! Sample mittens are blocking will be ready to shoot this week.

  8. You may have seen my roller derby postcards at Rollercon 2012, and now you can purchase the whole set! They are so fun to pass out at practice or leave under your team mates’ windshields when you spot their car at the warehouse!

    Purchase on Etsy

  9. How Cold Is It? COLD AS FUCK! …well, maybe not right now. But here’s a pattern to occupy your summer that will be the perfect gift this winter!

    You can purchase and download through both links below:

    Ravelry  |  Etsy


  10. If it doesn’t have meat, it’s a snack.